About The Award

The competition invites students from multidisciplinary backgrounds to put forward business proposals on successful and commercial deployment of industrial power for production of new products and/or new processes for making useful products.

The specific objectives of this competition are:

To provide a development platform by encouraging revolutionary business ideas and innovations around application of industrial power.
To support implementation of relevant and viable operational processes.
To support economic growth by facilitating self-sufficiency in manufacturing.


  • Competition is open to all disciplines.

  • Participation entry can be of an individual student or of groups with maximum 3 members, of which at least one must be a female.

  • The competition is open to students studying at the University of Lagos only.


  • The winning group/individual will be rewarded with the unique opportunity to complete a two-month paid internship program with Chellarams Plc and participate in implementation of the idea

  • Also, the opportunity to win a Pre-Placement Offer for a long term career with Chellarams Plc basis performance during internship

*Please Note
Online Application for registration for the competition is open till 31 January 2017. More details will be posted on the website, so watch out for more information in this space.

Chellarams Innovation in Industrial Development Award

Our Core value

We believe in the potential of the Nigerian youth as a vital socio-economic contributor and agent of change inclusive of all geographical regions and social circumstances in Nigeria.



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