Lead The Leaders Volunteers


The Nirmala Chellarams League of Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs ‘Lead the Leaders Volunteer Program’ is our grassroots initiative to develop and groom young DYNAMIC Nigerian Leaders in Business/Entrepreneurship, Government/Public Service and Civil Society/Community Action. Through the Lead the Leaders Volunteer Program, Volunteers get the opportunity of a lifetime to earn better opportunities, enjoy more influence and lead a more interesting and significant life across the Nigeria, Africa and the world.

The Lead the Leaders Volunteer Roles are divided as follows:


State Ambassador

Assistant State Ambassadors

Performance Management Specialist (Secretaries)

Influencers (Local Government Team Leads/Mentors)

School Ambassador

Faculty Team Leads

Sub-Group Heads


These roles are voluntary roles targeted at working professionals and entrepreneurs for the 1st 4 category while the last 3 category are targeted at Undergraduates.



Our Core value

We believe in the potential of the Nigerian youth as a vital socio-economic contributor and agent of change inclusive of all geographical regions and social circumstances in Nigeria.



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