Chellarams Business Incubation Program

This program is designed to help new and struggling early-stage businesses develop into financially stable companies.

We accomplish this goal through a comprehensive process that includes an on-going series of strategic and tactical meetings, a variety of business development services, business coaching, and other resources, such as office space, that is designed to help a company grow smarter and faster.

Only scalable businesses are eligible to enroll in this program. Our mission is to help create and sustain stable-wage jobs in the country by helping businesses grow to the point where they need to hire employees in order to continue operating and growing. With that being said, not every business is designed to create these types of jobs, nor does every business owner want to hire & manage employees.

Therefore, companies seeking to enroll in our program must demonstrate their growth potential through our online application and completion of our Basic Entrepreneurship Course.

Our Core value

We believe in the potential of the Nigerian youth as a vital socio-economic contributor and agent of change inclusive of all geographical regions and social circumstances in Nigeria.



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