Productivity Enhancement Series
Our ‘Quarterly Entrepreneurship Enhancement Series’ is our proposed GRANT ENGAGEMENT MODEL to support Small Business Owners all over Nigeria with required tools and information for their Businesses - providing Continuous Business Training and Mentoring, Financial Support, access to a wide variety of stakeholders including technological tools to ensure their Business witness massive growth. It will be a TWO DAYS Program that features a Workshop, Pitch and Exhibition. The small GRANT will go a long way to ensure their Business resource needs are met to ensure continuity of the Business.

The major highlight of the ‘Quarterly Entrepreneurship Enhancement Series’ is our commitment to providing a platform where Entrepreneurs can exhibit their products and services to a teeming population of buyers. This will ensure that their products and services gain the attention of the local populace in their state and region.



The workshop will pick a specific thematic area of business in its monthly Entrepreneurship Enhancement Series where experts and professionals in this thematic area will be invited to share their wealth of knowledge and experience navigating this thematic area selected in a particular month. The focus of our thematic area will always resonate with trending issues and policies statements based on the Government and private sector interaction and how it translates for small, medium and big businesses. We also hope to use this monthly workshop to highlight business areas that young people can venture into even as they maintain their regular Jobs.

As bubbling entrepreneurs with a desire to fast track their business idea and existing business, lack of finance could be an impediment to the growth or expansion of the business. So we have taken that into account in our monthly series and decided that we will offer small grants and loans depending on the kind of business. We will also be specific about the sector and type of business to offer our support to so we are certain that the actual funds helps in recouping the invested loan or grant and at the same help to further expand the business therefore creating sustainability and ensuring the business can grow to accommodate more employees.

Nigerian small businesses suffer from lack of proper exposure that can facilitate their access to more customers and their business growth. Through our monthly entrepreneurship enhancement series, we want to be the game changer for our young entrepreneurs to enable them access a wider market willing to patronize their products and services. We will also focus on key areas of the Nigerian sector to showcase and exhibit entrepreneurs seeking exposure that will aid their Business growth.

Our Core value

We believe in the potential of the Nigerian youth as a vital socio-economic contributor and agent of change inclusive of all geographical regions and social circumstances in Nigeria.



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