Workplace and Enterprise Readiness Programm

Workplace and Enterprise Readiness Program is our workplace and enterprise readiness program to equip Undergraduates, Unemployed Youths and members of the National Youth Service Corp with skills that makes them employable. The program also aims to equip these categories of individuals with the pre-requisite skills that makes them gain mastery at managing and sustaining their small business ventures. One of the bane of small business failures in Nigeria is often times tied to their lack of the soft skills and managerial know-how of running a small business.

Often times, they miss it by having no strategic place or business plan in place that guides their modus operandi. Through the WERP, we want to close the entrepreneurial skill gap by ensuring that they are retuned and refined with information that can aid their growth and development.


We invite seasoned and experienced Professionals from the Corporate and Enterprise World to come share valid and up-to-date information on work place readiness, enterprise readiness and skills necessary to excel in our target audience chosen career and enterprise choice. These seasoned and experienced facilitators have earned cognate experience facilitating trainings in the career and enterprise hemisphere.

2 weeks (14 days)
Course Outline
The course they get to learn about are listed here: We have shared a sneak peak of what participants are expected to learn about.
  1. Finding your Edge (Personal Discovery of Purpose Segment)
  2. Other topics
Learning Expectation
Participants are expected to learn the following:
  1. What makes them employable
  2. Participants that are confused about what career or enterprise part to follow gain clarity through this program
  3. They learn 21st century skills required of them to excel in the work and business place
  4. Participants will expect to learn how they can pitch their business and sell themselves at Interviews/Pitch sessions
  5. Overall, participants will have an in-depth knowledge of how they can manage a healthy self-interest whilst pursuing the collective good of an/their organization.
  6. Participants will learn the importance of personal branding utilizing offline and online engagement tools
Learning Outcome
Participants should display the following traits upon completion of our training program:
  1. Better understanding of work and business place functioning and what it takes to excel in such environment
  2. Participants will gain a sense of purpose driven by their ability to easily identify their calling either in the work or business place
  3. A more equipped and knowledgeable participant(s) who will display a deeper understanding of the culture and ethics that guides organizations
  4. Participants will grasp a better understanding of the use of social media in building an excellent social media brand and reputation, and proper utilization of the tools promote career and business chances.

Our Core value

We believe in the potential of the Nigerian youth as a vital socio-economic contributor and agent of change inclusive of all geographical regions and social circumstances in Nigeria.



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